For the past three years, I have been a fan of the “One Little Word” idea.  If you aren’t familiar with the concept, the idea is to select a word – yep, just one word – and let it be your guide/inspiration for the coming year.  I love doing something new with the New Year.  So this is a small thing to do  that you can keep to yourself or share publicly.  It’s really up to you how you use it.  For more information on the topic, check out Allie Ewards’ blog here.

As I said, this will be my third year to pick a word (or perhaps it is that the word picked me).  My words so far:

2008: Glorify

2009: Joy

2010: Hope

It is sometimes helpful to find something to remind you of your word.  Last year I found this cool not-so-little word block JOY on sale at Fred Meyer.  It was even 50% off since it was part of their after Christmas sale.

2009 one little word 2009 one little word

Now as the year draws to a close, I plan to do some piece of art that expresses what I have learned about Joy this year.  I’m thinking a scrapbook page but more to come as I complete that project.  But for now I just want to encourage you to check out this idea and see if it might not be something you want to try this year.

And here is by “reminder” item for my 2010 word.

the higher our hopes the brigher our days the higher our hopes the brigher our days