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December 29, 2011

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It was another super fun two weeks (or 6 days or way more than 12 hours) of creating fun.  Some people call it a class, some may call it art and some even call it therapy.  Whatever you want to call it, it was definitely inspiring and so much fun to hang out with these gals and make Tim Holtz style Christmas tags.  And we even survived the experience with our sanity intact!

Wanted to post some pictures from the final day.  The last tag we made was New Year themed using the clock die cut.

122911 5

The wonderful Trisha designed and taught this one.

122911 6

This is Bev and Dotty hard at work.  And they are still smiling even on day 6.

122911 7

Jacki, Loye and Carole having fun too.  Check out the Tim Holtz cargo case Jacki got for her birthday from some friends. Lucky! She must have some really nice friends. We discovered that it works really well as an easel (lean the sample tag against the handle and everyone on that side of the table can see it).

And when we finished, we celebrated!

122911 4

Thanks everyone who came, who taught and who made me smile.  You are awesome.


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