Lovin’ my Tim Holtz tags

December 27, 2009

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Where are your tags?? Where are your tags??

Well, it was a decidedly crazy and fun time making Tim’s 12 tags of Christmas 2009.   Fun to play with all those new techniques with some of the best friends a girl can have.  But crazy trying to get all the cool supplies in and all that with Christmas fast approaching.  So what I want to know is, what have you done with your tags?  I got this great idea from Dottie; she even gave me the swag.  I put the swag over the bar in my house as it  seems that all of our windows have shades that need to be pulled down when the sun hits that side of the house (yes, even though we live in Oregon we do occasionally see the sun). I think they look great hanging on the greenery.  Plus they are on display for everyone else to see and enjoy.

Here’s a close up:

oh pretty little tags oh pretty little tags

So tell me, where have you put your tags?  Take a picture if you can.  And thanks, Dottie, for the great idea.

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