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June 30, 2008

in Sing With Me

Worship set for Sunday, June 29, 2008:

Several weeks back I asked everyone on the worship team to tell me the name of their favorite (or at least one of their favorite) worship songs and why it was their favorite. Below are their answers. I put them in to the set we sang this week. The worship went real well. It was obvious we were singing songs that we really love to sing, hearts out there for everyone to see and hopefully help come closer to the Lord.

It’s Just Like Jesus (Al: Gets people to start worshipping when they’re chatting)
Power in the Blood (Harold: 11 is the maximum no. of “powers” you can sing in the chorus)
Ancient Words (Kris: Its hard to find good songs about the Word)
Our God Reigns (Brad: Tells the story of the DBR)
Be Thou My Vision (Robin: A good reminder of my commitment to Christ)
In Moments Like These (Connie: What is better than singing ‘I Love You, Lord’?)
Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone (Phil: A great contemporary re-write of the classic hymn)

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